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CryptoZoo2 Returns


Bootstrapping ourselves the NFT game that never came

Making things right: we're tired of unfinished projects, abandoned plans and cash-grab NFTs. ZOO2 is a community-led project to bring the CryptoZoo vision to life.

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A brand new Gaming experience


Improved Mythical Morphs


Unleash the power of AI now with improved mythical animal art, that can be bred instantly for a seamless and endlessly exciting gaming experience. The possibilities for unique and one-of-a-kind animal morphs are truly limitless.

Full Trading Card Game


Join the ultimate card trading adventure where you can collect and trade rare and powerful animal cards to build the ultimate deck. Take on other players in thrilling battles and rise to the top as the ultimate Zoo champion!

Your promised P2E Mechanics


Simply by holding onto your cards, you can earn passive ZOO2 tokens: rarer cards allow you to earn even more ZOO2, that can be converted to cash. Watch your collection grow in value and earn rewards just for being a collector.

A more transparent project


Inspired by Yipy's recreation of CryptoZoo, we plan to reinvigorate the Zoo community and welcome back holders who were left bagholding the ZOO token and NFTs. For ZOO2, we aim to revamp and enhance the existing Zoo foundation, bringing the original vision for the Zoo to fruition.

A realistic roadmap


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take CryptoZoo2.  No fluff, no lies, no ambitious claims. We're here to allow the community to see the project they invested in unfold to reality.

.01  $ZOO2 Token launch

Join us on Uniswap as we launch the CryptoZoo2 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Be among the first to access the revolutionary new features and possibilities of CryptoZoo2 and secure your spot in the community.

.02  Design process

Design our own unique animals with AI, marking the launch of our NFT design process. We'll create one-of-a-kind creatures and add them to your collection in the CryptoZoo2 ecosystem, a true showcase of this project's improved skills and creativity. The community will decide the style and rarity of the NFTs characteristics.

.03  Free NFT Mint for holders

Token holders will receive a complimentary NFT mint, giving you the chance to own your own unique animal and add it to your collection in the CryptoZoo2 ecosystem. Show off your collection and demonstrate your dedication to the community.

.04  Website v2 + trading dApp

Join the ultimate crypto-gaming experience with the release of our fully-featured dApp. Trade, breed and battle with other players in a seamless and engaging gaming experience. Take your collection to the next level and dominate the competition.

.05  Influencer Marketing

Reach new heights with our influencer marketing campaigns seen across the world. We will secure partnerships with top exchanges to list the CryptoZoo2 token and expand the reach and adoption of our revolutionary platform.

A new trustworthy team


CryptoZoo2 will be 100% DAO-centered. Meaning, the community will make all the decisions. However, the team will also take part ownership of the direction of the project. Experienced, they will come up with proposals and act on them to make CryptoZoo the project a reality.

L Paul, Artist 

• OP AI Prompt generation skills

• Designed numerous NFT projects

• Funny guy

Coffeezebra, Marketer

• Connected with the entire CT

• Last project went to 10+ million

• Likes to run marathons

Tigryoshi, Dev

• Based dev known for buybacks

• dApp building genius

• Drinks too much coffee


Join the community

Don't miss your spot! The community will soon close, not to over flood the trading game with participants. Join now a strong community of hyped players for the CryptoZoo2 launch!



The NFT project that never came




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